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S.H.E.E. Foundation’s Platform

Who We Are

The S.H.E.E. Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to empower persons who identify as female and/or have past or present justice involvement who desire to acquire life skills needed for long-term personal success in their lives. Through a holistic, person-centered approach, we help members and fellows discover and reach their full potential. We believe that all females have quite a few special places in society and it is never too late to claim that space.

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LaToya Wilson, aka LR Wilson, is the Founder and Executive Director of the S.H.E.E. Foundation. She is an Empowerment Lifestyle Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Consultant on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She prides herself on being a voice for the voiceless and empowering women to LIVE IN THEIR BIRTHRIGHT OF GREATNESS!

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S.H.E.E. Foundation team members are dedicated to the success of every member. Each team member brings a special touch to their area and is skilled in all areas of programming, which provides a well-rounded and knowledgeable skillset.

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Strategy Resource Manager

Self Care Coordinator

Balancing Rocks
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Life Skills Enrichment Coordinator

Trauma Skills Coordinator

Face Massage
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